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Dr Mark Stibbe graduated from Cambridge University, where he was awarded a senior scholarship and a first in both parts of the English Literature Tripos. He then studied theology at Nottingham University before being awarded a PhD (published by Cambridge University Press under the title John as Storyteller). Since then he has authored numerous non-fiction books, some of them best sellers and one of them an award-winner. Lately he has moved into writing novels, in particular The Chronicles of Thomas Pryce. He is now an experienced and sought after freelance editor, ghost writer and writing coach and is the CEO of Kingdom Writing Solutions, a holistic service for Christian writers. Mark is passionate about helping good writers to become great authors for the Kingdom of God.

Script doctor

Have you ever?

Have you ever wanted an honest, expert, thorough and gentle assessment of your manuscript?

Have you ever written a book only to realize it needs copy editing, rewriting or proof reading?

Have you ever wondered where you can find a first class ‘ghost writer’ (someone who will write your book for you)?

Have you ever had difficulty writing a bio, back cover blurb or a pitch for your book and wondered where you could turn for help?

Have you ever wanted an expert to edit and improve the text for an app, web site, blog or other form of writing?

If you have, then you've come to the right web site!

That is where a ‘Script Doctor’ comes in.

With over thirty years of experience as a published author and a freelance editor I am ideally positioned to improve your text and support you in your book writing dream.

From personal experience I know what is involved in both the writing and publishing processes.

The service I offer is unique.

Why not consider consulting the script doctor?

Together we can collaborate to create a healthy manuscript.


"Dr. Mark Stibbe was recommended to me by a New York Times best selling author. He has certainly lived up to such a noteworthy introduction. The insight and craft that Mark brought to my comedy novel was remarkable. He has mentored me during the entire writing process and encouraged me, bringing the best out of my ability. I have no doubt that Mark makes the difference between a good and a great book. Superb!"
Simon Page, author of 'Missing Gretyl'

"Mark has the ability to prod, question, advise and help re-create in a way that draws out the writer's intentions and desires. In my experience that has led to a final manuscript that is clearer, more readable and one I am much happier with. I highly recommend his work"
Andy Matheson, author

"Mark has compiled readers’ reports and reviews for Authentic Media to the highest standard. His ability to quickly assess and dissect a manuscript has enabled the publishing team at Authentic to effectively manage the commissioning process with much greater efficiency and to a higher standard than ever before. We thoroughly recommend him for his contribution to our department”.
Malcolm Down. Publishing Manager at Authentic Media

What is a script doctor?

A ‘script doctor’ is a highly skilled consultant who has the ability to polish aspects of a script or rewrite an entire text. Originally used only in the context of films (in their pre-production stage), the term ‘script doctor’ is here applied to all kinds of scripts - text books, testimonies, biographies, short stories, manuals, books of Bible teaching or theology, novels, poetry, spirituality, etc.


Script doctor



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