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Dr Mark Stibbe graduated from Cambridge University, where he was awarded a senior scholarship and a first in both parts of the English Literature Tripos. He then studied theology at Nottingham University before being awarded a PhD (published by Cambridge University Press under the title John as Storyteller). Since then he has authored numerous non-fiction books, some of them best sellers and one of them an award-winner. Lately he has moved into writing novels, in particular The Chronicles of Thomas Pryce. He is now an experienced and sought after freelance editor, ghost writer and writing coach and is the CEO of Kingdom Writing Solutions, a holistic service for Christian writers. Mark is passionate about helping good writers to become great authors for the Kingdom of God.

Script doctor


Mark Stibbe, experienced ghostwriter and script doctor, writes:

I have ghostwritten four nonfiction books in the last year, two self-published and two published by publishing houses, and the procedure adopted with all four clients is as follows.

The client and the ghostwriter agree the process before anything else. This involves agreeing the timetable (usually between 10-20 weeks) and the amount of material to be completed every week.

The client usually commits to supplying one chapter's worth per week, either by audio or video, or in extensive textual form. S/he also commits to reviewing each completed chapter from the previous week.

The ghostwriter commits to turning that weekly material into a coherent and compelling chapter and submitting it for review. The number of edits of each reviewed chapter is one. Any more involves a fee.

Provided the timetable and the handover process is agreed, a contract is then signed and the client pays half the fee up front, half on completion, and 2.5% royalties on every copy sold after publication.

The current fee is £1750 up front and £1750 on completion. In terms of the competition, I ghostwrite at half the rate (the normal rate is over £6000) and in double the time (under 20 weeks as opposed to a year).

A contract for the above will be drawn up and signed, including a clause agreeing the level of confidentiality about the ghostwriter’s name and role in the process and on publication.

At KWS we are here to serve you.

Happy writing!



Please note that this fee is for books up to 60000 words.


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