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Dr Mark Stibbe graduated from Cambridge University, where he was awarded a senior scholarship and a first in both parts of the English Literature Tripos. He then studied theology at Nottingham University before being awarded a PhD (published by Cambridge University Press under the title John as Storyteller). Since then he has authored numerous non-fiction books, some of them best sellers and one of them an award-winner. Lately he has moved into writing novels, in particular The Chronicles of Thomas Pryce. He is now an experienced and sought after freelance editor, ghost writer and writing coach and is the CEO of Kingdom Writing Solutions, a holistic service for Christian writers. Mark is passionate about helping good writers to become great authors for the Kingdom of God.

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Line Edit in Doctoring a Novel

There is a difference between a line edit (micro edit) and a content edit (macro edit) of a novel

The line edit goes through the text line by line and seeks to address the following questions and polish up the text where required:

Is the manuscript presented in the right way?

Are there spelling mistakes, problems with grammar, punctuation errors, typos, etc?

Are paragraphs indented, spaced and written in the most effective way?

Are there too many adjectives and adverbs?

Is the descriptive language precise and unusual or general and bland?

Are the sentences too long?

Is dialogue handled well?

Is there too much ‘telling’ and not enough ‘showing’?

Does the author’s voice become audible in the story?

Are there any stylistic features that distract the reader and interrupt their experience?

Is there any repetition?

Can any words, sentences, paragraphs or scenes/chapters be cut out?

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